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The NIX.CZ Association is a neutral hardware platform for interconnection of networks. It also serves as a forum for sharing experience between the companies involved. NIX.CZ is the largest IXP (Internet Exchange Point) in the Czech Republic and ranks among the TOP 10 largest IXPs in Europe. Currently there are 140 networks with unique AS numbers connected. You can find out more at NIX.CZ site.



The FENIX project was created by the Czech peering node NIX.CZ and is primarily a reaction to intense DoS attacks targeting Czech internet services, media, banks and operators which occurred in March 2013. The purpose of the project is to ensure the uninterrupted of Internet services for connected entities during DoS attacks.


The members of the FENIX project manage themselves and are independent of the NIX.CZ Association and have complete decision-making autonomy. The project is designed for companies that provide important services and connections to these entities in order to secure their operation even in the most critical situations.

Why to join the project

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    Become a member of a team which determines new trends in network security

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    Show the world that the security of your customers is important to you

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    Take part in a unique project which is respected and valued by professionals in the IT community




  • Active participation in the Association’s workshops and voting procedures regarding the FENIX project
  • 24/7 Network Operation Center
  • Operational CERT/CSIRT team with an appropriate status
  • Implemented internal incident resolution procedures
  • And more (please see attached PDF document)


  • Fully redundant connection into connections to at least two of NIX.CZ nodes
  • Network uses both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols
  • Domain names signed by DNSSEC technology
  • Part of the RTBH filtering system
  • Use of FENIX-operated Route Servers
  • And more (please see attached PDF document)


  • A candidate must provide references from at least two existing FENIX members and submit a written declaration of having fulfilled all technical and organizational prerequisites
  • And more (please see attached PDF document)

Recognize the members of the project:

Each member of the FENIX project is entitled to use its logo and the badge for promotional purposes. These and a number of other visual identifiers, which are part of the design manual, ensure instant recognition of FENIX members.

The FENIX Team